Publish any new content lately?

If the answer is yes, then congrats! You’ve taken the first step to achieving blogging success.

But, you surely can’t expect the blog to sit there and gain popularity, can you?

Of course not! That’s not how making money online through blogging works.

Reality Check: Most amateur blogs fail because the writers have no clue what to do after hitting the “Publish” button.

Sure, you can tag your Maa and grandma on a Facebook post to check out your blog, but how likely are those two likes (and possibly even comments) going to get you closer to your goal?

Look, to prevent your meticulously crafted blog post from being buried by 10,000 other “meticulously crafted” blog posts, you need to market your content.

Don’t worry; the steps to market your content the right way might not be a walk in the park, but it isn’t like assembling a Tesla rocket either.

Today, I’m going to tell you about my five most favorite ways to gain more exposure that doesn’t involve randomly tagging your friends, family, or people who just don’t give a F@*#

So, let’s begin, shall we?


5 Easy Methods to Bring Traffic to Your Blog Post


1. Post a teaser on Instagram


Screw Facebook! Head over to Instagram to kick-start your content promotion strategy. It is common knowledge that Facebook has gone totally “Pay-2-Play” now and severely limits the reach of your posts (unless you throw your money at Zucc). You need to spend at least $2 to $5 a day to run an ad to promote your post.

Assuming that you are looking for something cheap or maybe even free, I recommend you create an attractive image conveying the title/message/takeaway of the blog and post it on Instagram. Use a witty caption, asking your followers to click on the link that takes them straight to your site.

Just check the Instagram image posted below for reference. We’re using the same technique to bring traffic to the blog post after it went live. 

Also, don’t forget to utilize all 30 hashtags in the post. That way you can make sure the Instagram image reaches the maximum amount of people. But don’t expect massive conversions by sending cold traffic. This technique works best for brand building.

Image creation tool: Canva

Best time to post: 7 PM to 10 PM


2. Answer questions on Quora


Quora marketing is underutilized if you ask me – and it’s both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because Quora users appreciate value-packed answers and will likely check out your site to know more if you drop a link at the end of your response. So, the opportunities of getting traffic and earning loyal followers through the platform are plenty.

It’s bad because increasing number of marketers (some of them who are not too keen on providing value) are flooding Quora with make-belief questions and answers just for the sake of redirecting traffic to their site. Don’t do this!

What you can do instead is genuinely answer questions and leave it up to the readers to check out your blog. The more Upvotes your answer gets, more it will be promoted, and so will more people check out your website. To demonstrate, let me show you a screenshot of how I used Quora to market this blog.

Disclaimer: My answer on Quora linking to this blog is just for demonstrative purposes only. I’m probably going to delete it sometime in the near future.


3. Go live on Facebook


Don’t mind getting in front of a camera? Well, you’re already ahead of most bloggers then. You can always re-purpose your written blog post into a video, and the best way to do it would be by going live on Facebook. Going live will give you the opportunity to interact with friends and fans in real time and talk about the contents of your newly published blog post.

Live sessions are not only exciting because they can be made incredibly visual, but offers a more personal way to spread your message. Take this analogy for example: whereas written blog posts are like letters sent to a friend, live videos are like sitting together and having a chat.

Of course, of these methods have their own strengths and weaknesses, so never ignore one for the other. Now, I haven’t tried Facebook live yet because admittedly I’m too shy *insert laugh track*, but some of my copywriter-marketer-branding friends have got great results through it. I’ll leave a few profile links down below.


4. Put All Your Effort into SEO


Hater’s gonna hate, but Search Engine Optimization is still the best way to get organic traffic and keep them coming without you going broke on ad spend. But beware, SEO is a long haul game, and you might have to sacrifice more than just your favorite prime-time show to learn the ropes. But hey, what’s Netflix there for?

SEO is the most effective way to grow your traffic and earning because you’re essentially getting visitors who were looking for the information you have. Ranking top 10 in Google search results will bring you warm traffic that is likely to convert more than cold traffic you get from Instagram, Quora, or Facebook.

But I’m not implying that social media channels are useless in front of SEO; it’s just that the latter has the track record of getting maximum return on investment over a long period of time. To make your content rank higher up in Google’s search results, you may have to do some or all of these following things:

  • Network with other bloggers on social media and get links in exchange of value
  • Do Email Outreach to influencers and persuade them to share your blog 
  • Buy PBN services and try to blackhat your way to the top [Risky, but easy]

Read up the consequences of using black hat services here.


5. Blog Commenting


Blog commenting – some say it’s a waste of time; others swear by it. In fact, many Internet marketers even claim that they rank on Google with nothing but links coming from comments on other blogs. Sure, no-follow links might not give you any link juice, but they’re great for diversifying your link profile.

How do you make this work to get traffic? By leaving meaningful comments on niche related blogs, followed by a link back to your site. Don’t even think about writing gibberish if you want to build relationships with other bloggers. Your comments will never get approved that way.

When your comment is live on their blog, not only will you get redirected traffic but have a no-follow backlink to help keep your link profile natural. I won’t get into much detail on how to get started, why don’t you check out the video instead?


First thing’s first…


Now that you know about five different ways to market your written content go ahead and try them out! The secret to success lies in continuous learning and persistence, so don’t give up if results don’t show up immediately. After all, even the most famous and wealthy bloggers had to start from the place where you are today.