CONTENT- Is it still King in 2018?

Most marketers who have had any success doing what they do will say YES. Content is King, and it will be far into the distant future. Without great content, your traffic will just remain as what it is- traffic.

❌ You won’t gain any trust from your audience

❌ You won’t be building up authority in your industry

❌ You’ll find it considerably challenging to rank keywords

❌ And most importantly, you won’t be making any SALES

So, all the hard work you put behind web design, keyword research, and SEO would have been for nothing!

Content, in 2018, is more than just putting together a bunch of information and praying that people will find it useful. You also have to keep in mind what Google likes and what language will get you more sales.

And a $5 writer you hire from Fiverr can’t give you that. Most marketers agree that a $5 content ranges from being poor in grammar to downright unusable for any money site.

Even if you get something decent for once, you’ll have to spend a lot of time editing the format, correcting spellings, grammar, and syntax errors, before finally uploading to WordPress.

We understand if you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing all the writing and editing by yourself. And you’re not alone! Most affiliate marketers and SEO agencies prefer outsourcing content writing so that they can focus on other aspects of the business.

After all, time is money; money is time.

Well, people asked for it, and we answered! Presenting: Writer Shark’s Bulk Package, an all-in-one gig where we do all the heavy lifting of content so that you can focus on the things you do best!

We’ve helped dozens of affiliate marketers and SEO agencies take their content game to the next level on complete autopilot mode. How? With the help of our monthly packages that give you:

✔️ SEO and user-friendly content that ranks organically with fewer backlinks

✔️ Direct posting to your WordPress site, with proper formatting, stock images, and affiliate links

✔️ Scheduled posts so that your readers get to read what they want, when they want

✔️ Correctly optimized internal and external links to get maximum Google love

✔️ Free editing by our expert editor if there’s something to be changed

✔️ Free words as a bonus

✔️ Always online help to answer your doubts and queries

The result? High-quality, conversion-driven content that will knock your socks off and get more sales than you’ve ever got before. Check the samples down below to see how our content reads.

Not convinced yet? That’s okay! Order a DEMO article by clicking on the text down below and see for yourself. Your demo content can be any article or blog of 500/1000/2000 words and is yours to keep forever.

Got questions? Feel free to shoot us an email at creative@writershark.com or use the Chat button to talk to our customer support. We promise to solve your problem.



Words: 10,000

Free: 1000 words

Delivery in 28 days

Upload to WP: Yes



Words: 20,000

Free: 3000 words

Delivery in 28 days

Upload to WP: Yes




Words: 30,000

Free: 5000 words

Delivery in 28 days

Upload to WP: Yes



"I have the experience and quality of an in-house team for a fraction of the cost. Honestly, it can't get better than this!"


Founder, MKR. S Media

"I have been giving pretty vague instructions but the writers at Writer Shark keep giving me back great content at a very competitive price. They have been my go-to for content creation for the past couple of months."


CEO, Uplift Consulting

"Being a web developer, I cannot thank Writer Shark enough for taking care of my clients' content needs. Taking on writing projects have become quite the profitable side hustle for me."


Web Developer

"I've invested around $5000 on a new site, and writer shark helped me out with everything. From creating structure of the articles to finding the best possible emotions to convert a visitor. Working with them has been a treat!🙂"


CEO, Webminati

"Outsourcing all my content needs to Writer Shark has not only helped me running a skin care blog site, but I have also opened a salon on the side to pursue my passion for making people look and feel beautiful."


Beauty Blogger

"Writer Shark has been our go-to source for ordering guest posts and other outreach content for SEO. I highly recommend using their services."


SEO Agency Owner

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Are the bulk packages for me?

Of course! If you need content in bulk, then we highly recommend subscribing to one of our bulk packages for free stuff and bonuses.

What’s the free stuff?

There are loads! For 10,000 words ordered, you get 1000 words free; for 20,000 words ordered, you get 3000 words free; for 30,000 words ordered, you get 5000 words free. We’ll also upload the content straight to your WordPress site, optimize for Yoast SEO, nicely format the text using the appropriate headings and subheadings, use suitable images, spread the uploads evenly throughout the month, and so much more. Do everything to give you a hands-off experience.

Can I get involved in the project?

Of course! It’s your site after all. Feel free to make edits and changes as and when necessary. We’ll try not to get in your way as much as possible.

How do you maintain quality when writing so many words?

It doesn’t matter if you order 1000 words or 10,000 – we promise to deliver quality content 100% of the time. We are constantly hiring new, better writers, and training the existing ones to improve so that your experience is nothing short of top notch. Our writers write for users – first, and search engines – second, so you can count on us to deliver expertly written and fun to read content.

What will be the word count of the articles?

Regardless of which monthly package you buy, each article has to be a minimum of 500 words. There is no maximum limit. Let’s say for example you buy the 10,000 words package: you can order 20 articles of 500 words, 10 articles of 1000 words, 5 articles of 2000 words, 2 articles of 5000 words each. The same principle applies to all the three packages.

You CANNOT order 100 articles of 100 words each or anything beyond 500 words in a 10,000 words package because we do not do short form content.

What if I decide that I don’t need your services anymore?

We’d hate to see you go. But stuff happens, and sometimes it’s no one’s fault. You can cancel anytime, and we will issue a refund of the amount credited to us, minus the work we have already completed for your site.

Note: You will not get the free articles(s) if you cancel the subscription midway.

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