The right time to outsource your written content is now.

Why is that?

Because as an affiliate marketer, your job is to overlook all the essential aspects of the business rather than get caught up in the nitty-gritty.

Your job is to work ON the business rather than IN the business to scale it to the next level.

Besides, why would you grind away each day, saving a few dollars when there are millions to be made by reaching the right audience?

Freeing up time by outsourcing your content creation will give you an opportunity to focus on the other important things such as outreach, content promotion, SEO, and the most important of all – building relationships with other Internet marketers.

Look, I know that nobody knows about your business more than you. But the truth is, you just can’t do everything alone.

And if you’re wondering if investing in great content is a good idea or not, just check out these facts:

content marketing facts

This is why we are here to help. But before you decide to pass on your next batch of blogs and articles, let me tell you the real reasons most entrepreneurs prefer outsourcing.


4 Top Reasons to Outsource Your Blog Content


Lack of interest, failing to generate new ideas, getting poor conversion rates – we’ve all experienced these, I assure you!

While you might feel like Superman doing everything yourself, the pressure of standing by all your commitments might take a toll sooner than expected.

We have worked with hundreds of affiliate marketers and here are the four main reasons why most choose to get their content written by someone else:


1. Tight content schedule


Nothing will alienate the regular readers of your blog more than infrequent posting. If you keep delaying putting up the new post to next day or even next week, there will come a time when your engagement will take a big hit.

And that can’t be good for business, can it?

What’s even worse is that some marketers don’t even have a blog posting schedule! But hey, it happens, and we help busy (or sometimes naive) entrepreneurs get back on track.

If you happen to be someone who has no time to devote to content creation, outsourcing can stop your blog from disappearing into the void.

2. Lack of interest


Relax. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge that you are human and not everything will pique your interest. It’s alright to outsource content creation because you don’t like dealing with this aspect of your business.

We can only truly shine by focusing on our strengths, rather than trying to fix specific insignificant weaknesses.

Being an affiliate marketer and a writer myself, I can’t stress how important it is to stay focused. And the best way to do it is by concentrating on the things we love.

That’s why my partner and I decided to start WriterShark. It’s because we wanted affiliate marketers such as ourselves to get content on demand at highly affordable rates.


3. Poor writing skills


Again, I’m not judging. It’s impossible for one person to be good at everything – that’s how things work. Truth be told, writing isn’t for everyone as it’s a skill that takes a lot of honing and patience to master.

Or maybe English is not your first language, and there is no way you can start from scratch now. No matter the reason, you should never end up posting sub-par writing on your blog.

Not only will poor quality content restrict ROI, but will quite literally make it impossible for you to become an authority in your niche. Nobody wants that!

These are the qualities Google wants your content to have:

via Search Engine Land

4. Other priorities


A lot of affiliate marketers outsource content simply because they have better things to do. Some pursue marketing as a hobby, some have a full-time job, and some are even a mother of four, trying to make money from home.

You might be the best writer in the world and still find it hard to devote 2 hours daily to sit down and write your next blog post. Content creation is time-consuming, no denying that

No matter what your main hustle is, you can count on us to deliver outstanding quality content for your business. What you’ll get in return are more website visits, increase in sales, and more time with your family without even lifting a finger.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Experts Don’t Reveal


I totally get it if you don’t want to buy content just yet. In fact, I highly recommend that you try your hand at doing the job yourself to see how it goes. At the very least, you’ll learn what NOT to do while writing.

And for those of you who want to pass on this task, here are the key benefits you can expect from content written by a professional:


1. Search engine friendly and SEO ready


If you have been in the affiliate marketing game for a while, I probably don’t have to remind you how crucial it is to adhere to the right SEO Guidelines.

Having non-optimized content might not only prevent you from getting the right kind of exposure but can also lead to penalties. Oh no, duplicate content is not the only reason Google penalizes websites.

Incorrect grammar, false information, keyword stuffing, and lack of relevant info AKA “thin content” are four deadly sins that Google doesn’t take kindly. Besides, why would you want your audience to read such BS?

We have worked with many clients who approached us to help fix their website content. Many of them didn’t even know that their content was blatant copies and actually got ripped off by their previous writer.

We helped them by rewriting their blogs from scratch, using the right keyword density, and making the tone reader-friendly. After all, content is written for users first and then for search engines.

Not only did the blogs start off with a naturally higher rank on SERPS, but managed to break into the top 5 of Google search results with just a couple of backlinks. And guess what, the conversion rate was also much better.


2. Establish yourself as an authority


At its core essence, affiliate marketing is about solving people’s problems. This is one of those fields where acting like a car salesman will get you nowhere.

In a way, we can say that your success as a marketer will depend on how good you are at building trust. How do you do that? By consistently giving out helpful information that makes your reader’s lives better.

There is no secret sauce. The more you solve problems, the more you will earn – it is that simple. We can help you become an authority in your industry by delivering exactly what your audience is looking for.

You can be a pro in market research, but the fruits of your labor will be useless if you do not know how to convey the information accurately. We can help you do that by writing compelling web copy, blog posts, and articles, packed with value.

We’ll turn website visitors into members of your tribe, help you build a loyal following, and convert those followers into happy customers. No matter whatever you’re selling, there is a market for it just waiting to be grabbed.


3. Improve conversion rates and ROI


At the end of the day, you need to make profits. Lots of it! Without a steady stream of income, you might as well pack-up and return to the 9-5 routine that you’ve come to despise over the years.

The whole point of investing in content is to get a return on investments and then some more. And it’s been proven time and again that nothing impacts conversion rates more than the quality of your content.

You need flawless writing that’s not only devoid of any grammatical and spelling errors but also persuades the readers to take action. Your content has to appeal to the audience’s emotion and make them believe that they are making the right decision.

Conversion optimization is one of our specialties, and we take great pride in the fact that we have helped countless business charge up their content to make more sales.

We can 10x your average ROI by writing compelling copy that hits the right pain points of your readers, and leads them to a solution. There is no trick involved; copywriting is plain science. And we know how to use it.


4. No worry of proofreading and editing


You may or may not find the whole process of writing content exciting. But do you know what’s straight up boring? Yup! Writers and editors unanimously agree that the most tedious part of content creation is the editing.

It’s the part that comes after writing the first draft (or the 10th) and involves reading through thousands of words in search of spelling errors, grammatical, and contextual mistakes. Thankfully, you don’t have to force yourself to do this as well.

You can count on us to give you a free content that makes a solid first impression. We have stringent quality checks that make sure you get nothing but the best value for your price.

You don’t have to read the lines – or even in between the lines. We’ve got you covered!

Is This the Right Time for Me to Outsource Content?


To answer that question, we have to consider the time versus cost dilemma. Almost every entrepreneur agrees with the idea that people either pay with money or with their time. “Time is money; money is time” – does that ring a bell?

So, which one is more important to you?

If you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, then the answer would probably be money. That’s totally normal! Even I used to write all my content that I just began my marketing journey.

And I still do – not because I don’t have money, but because I like writing. However, you must understand that time is your most precious resource. The money will always come and go, but time is indispensable. No, I’m not trying to get all philosophical.

Just trying to say that you should under no circumstances pinch pennies to give away dollars. Besides, when it has been already proven that expertly written content can fetch greater ROI, why do you think it makes sense to spend half a day writing yourself?

You could be using that time to do so much more – like look for networking opportunities or take the dog out for a walk.

How to Hire the Best Writers for Your Blog


I’ll be brutally honest with you: you can either go with quality or go with cheap. You can’t have both. You might find a gem of a writer for $5 on Fiverr.com when the stars align, but let me assure you that the universe doesn’t conspire to favor your luck every day.

“You get what you pay for” applies to the content marketing industry as well. But that’s not to say you have to spend your life’s fortune on a 4000-word review+ buying guide. You can, however, find a balance between ‘quality’ and ‘cheap’ if you know the exact steps.

Niche Hacks has an excellent guide on this topic that I recommend you check out. 

Anyway, in case you’re too lazy to read the full guide, here are some of my quick tips to help you find a great writer:

  • Accept the fact that hiring is a skill and it takes time to get a hang of it. Screening and evaluating a couple of freelancers is nearly not enough.
  • The first impression is NOT the last; not least as far as recruiting is concerned. Don’t slack off in your screening process if you want to hire the best talent for the job.
  • You deserve the best; not the second-best, so don’t settle. Every bit of effort you put in hiring should pay you back by 10 folds in the long run.
  • Ask your fellow marketers and friends for referrals. This is one of the best ways to spot top talent without spending a whole lot of time testing and rejecting writers.
  • And please, don’t be cheap. Invest in your business when it’s necessary, or your endeavor is as good as dead. No exaggeration!


Ready to Make More Money?


By now you probably understand how having a professional writer in your team can make all the difference in the world. Content is King in 2018; and it will remain King beyond the foreseeable future.

Got more questions, suggestions, or queries about our services? Leave a comment down below and I’ll answer them all.

Hopefully, I was able to guide you well in this blog and perhaps even help reorganize your priorities in affiliate marketing. I leave you with the option to get quality content on command that your audience will come back to read time and again.